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Special Delivery: It's Your Wedding Video!

If you look at the investment portion of my website, you'll notice that I send you the finished product on a USB drive. Digital delivery is where it's at! I used to offer DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, but I noticed that very few people were opting to receive them. (I get it, I don't even own a DVD player!)

I provide your edited wedding film (and trailer, if you opt for one), as individual files. I also provide the footage from your ceremony and major reception events. Each one of those events (ceremony, reception entrance, cake cutting, etc), are loaded onto this cute little USB drive as an individual file, as well. So now, you can relive each moment when you want, in the order that you want.

The opportunities are endless with these high-res, HD files! You can:

Watch them on your laptop or desktop computer (PC or Mac)

Plug the USB drive into a smart TV and watch them from there

Upload your cake cutting onto Facebook so your Aunt can see it

Upload your files onto Dropbox or Google Drive, and share with friends and family (you can even download the files from Dropbox onto your phone, and watch them on the go!)

Of course, you can also opt to burn these files onto a DVD or Blu-Ray (or ask me to do that, I'm still totally willing to do so on request!)

So how do I send out the USB drive? Stick it in a bubble mailer and send it off? Not quite! I try to make receiving your wedding footage a fun experience.

Open it up and you'll find a few things, including a little "you're awesome" note, and this adorable little bag, which contains...


Candy! Because who doesn't want to snack while they watch movies! Then, in the middle of the gold tinsel, you'll find your USB flash drive!

So there you have it! Special mail for my amazing couples. Coming soon to your front door! I love posting this kind of stuff on my Instagram stories, so if you're not already following me, you can add me here!

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