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Unsa and James: Santa Cruz Destination Wedding

Unsa and James have a remarkable love story, which began in the San Francisco Bay Area. A sudden job opportunity brought Unsa to Pittsburgh, PA -- a place she had never been. It didn't take long for James to realize that he couldn't stay in California without her. After overcoming many different obstacles to be together, they put down roots here in Pittsburgh and began a new life together (along with two adorable puppies!). When they got engaged, they decided to have their wedding where it all began, in California. They said their vows under giant redwood trees in the mountains of Santa Cruz, and danced the night away under the stars with friends and family.

Unsa + James -- Wedding Film Teaser Trailer

To help tell their unique story, we filmed some interview footage prior to their wedding day. The footage helps to explain the significance of the blending of their two different lives and cultures, as well as the importance of both locations. The Bay Area is where their relationship began, but Pittsburgh is where it grew and continues to grow. Check out their full video (below) to hear more from this amazing couple about their journey.

Unsa + James -- Full Wedding Highlight Film

It was such an honor to fly out to California and film their gorgeous wedding! I might be mildly obsessed with the Bay Area now (thanks for that, guys!). I had a great time getting to know these two, and I hope you enjoy watching their amazing wedding!

Vendor Love:

DJ: Santa Cruz DJ Company Makeup/Hair: Bridal Bliss Co Second Shooter: Brandon Neiman Photography: Kelsey Kradel Photography

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